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Webinar: Ensuring the Capture of Data and Metadata in the Lab

Ensuring the Capture of Data and Metadata in the Lab
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Ensuring the Capture of Data and Metadata in the Lab
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Join Lab Manager and our panel of experts as we discuss how to accurately capture data and metadata in the lab

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Data is the key product of any lab. Ensuring that data is captured accurately, in a very timely way, and effectively archived is critical to the appropriate use of the data by the lab’s scientists. Many labs have implemented laboratory information systems (LIMS) and electronic lab notebooks (ELN) to organize and capture data from the lab. These systems can be very powerful and enable better capture, organization, and use of a wide array of data. Despite the power of these LIMS and ELN systems, it can be difficult to connect some pieces of lab equipment to the LIMS and the ELN systems. Some instruments require extensive programming to effectively capture the data, and the data can sometimes be stored in rigid ways within the LIMS or ELN. To complement the power of LIMS, ELN, and other lab databases, individual data capture units are now being developed. These individual units can rapidly capture instrument data and metadata, and store those data with high accuracy wherever it best serves the lab’s work process.

In this presentation, we will focus on the following learning items:

  • Overview the value and use of lab LIMS and ELN systems
  • The benefits of rapid and accurate data capture from the lab
  • The benefits of capturing and using lab metadata to improve the use and longevity of data
  • How to use individual data capture devices to augment the power of the lab data infrastructure
  • How all of this can be achieved without major change, investment or disruption to your lab