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Essential Analysis Instruments Meet Simplicity

Density meters and refractometers continue to evolve to suit researchers’ ever-expanding needs

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Density meter design and technology have come a long way from primitive origins dating back to the days of the famous Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes. Their use extends across multiple fields and now includes the production of digital or handheld density meters, among others. But the next phase of their evolution features an intuitive, automated, “all-in-one” solution. Excellence Density Meters from METTLER TOLEDO are based on the oscillating U-tube principle, and guarantee maximum precision with an accuracy of up to 6 digits in density. Users can measure density, specific gravity, and many related values, such as % alcohol and Brix, quickly and reliably. Plenty of benefits have also been infused into the design of Excellence Density Meters. BubbleCheck checks the presence of bubbles in the measuring cell. Temperature control keeps samples at a specific temperature. Automatic viscosity correction corrects the sample viscosity automatically. All of this ensures high accuracy and trustworthy results.

Refractometry has a younger history, dating back to the late 19th century. It continues to be one of the main techniques scientists rely on for chemical analysis. The refractive index can be used to identify an unknown substance or to assess the purity of a sample. Although the general principle behind how refractometers work has remained relatively unchanged over the years, they have evolved with new features, improved accuracy, and different types to accommodate specific needs.

METTLER TOLEDO has embraced this evolution and has taken it a step forward by developing accurate, intuitive, and modular refractometers. Its Excellence line of refractometry products was developed for a wide range of applications, and is capable of measuring almost any sample.

Multiple Analyses, One Solution

Measuring density or refractive index is as simple as pressing a button with the One Click Operation feature, allowing researchers to put their time to better use. A large touchscreen interface with a status light lets users know the stage of analysis, and if the instrument needs operator interaction. Excellence instruments can also be set up with a range of acceptable limits for samples. Results that fall within this range are color-coded, enabling instant identification of accepted and rejected samples.

“Often density and refractive index are determined for the same sample. Connected instruments let allow researchers to easily synchronize results.”“Reliable results and automated workflows allow researchers to focus on critical tasks.”

The density or refractive index of a substance is influenced by temperature used to measure it, so proper care must be taken to control or compensate for temperature differences. With Excellence instruments, calibration and verification can be done immediately without needing to manually enter additional texts. The Peltier thermostat maintains the measurement cell at a constant temperature, eliminating worries of any potential temperature variation.

Additionally, the instruments can be upgraded to a dedicated automatic multiparameter system that combines density, refractive index, pH, color, titration, and more to prevent the alteration of samples between individual analyses. Combination with LabX PC software ensures data integrity and compliance, as well as smoother workflows.

Identifying researchers’ current needs and predicting the demands of the future lead to the development of innovative instruments worthy of investment. Reliable results coupled with automated workflows enable researchers to focus on more crucial tasks. METTLER TOLEDO understands the importance of these features and strives to deliver sophisticated solutions to its customers.

METTLER TOLEDO offers precision instruments and services for many applications in research and development, quality control, production, logistics and retail to customers around the world.

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