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Evaporation Solutions for All Types of Labs

Your samples are valuable, just like the equipment you use.

by Labconco

Your samples are valuable, just like the equipment you use. This is why Labconco RapidVap Dry Evaporators were designed to protect both. The chamber and sample block are PTFE-coated while all mechanical components are isolated from chemical fumes. This resilience to strong chemicals, along with repeatable methods and programmability, gives you the confidence you need to run your samples unattended without issue. With four models of RapidVap Dry Evaporators to choose from, the evaporation process can be optimized to meet the needs of any application.


RapidVap Dry Evaporators are made to quickly reduce multiple samples to complete dryness or to an end point volume using direct heat, a vortex motion and either a vacuum or nitrogen stream. The vortex motion used by the RapidVap Vacuum, N2, and N2/48 Evaporators produces remarkable evaporation rates by dramatically increasing the surface area of your samples, saving you precious time. The constant washing of solvent down the sidewalls of the glassware also increases the recovery rate of the analytes being tested.

With the RapidVap Vertex, evaporation occurs using a combination of nitrogen blowdown and heat. Nitrogen blowdown reduces the partial pressure directly over the liquid, using a slight vortex motion within the sample to speed evaporation, creating a gentler way to evaporate. The dry block supplying heat in the Vertex is angled to increase the surface area of your samples for faster evaporation.

All RapidVap Dry Evaporators feature a dry block heater that supplies a controlled amount of heat to the samples. Unlike water baths, the dry block heater also eliminates the potential for condensation accumulating on the lid and causing cross contamination. Additionally, the block heaters require no additional maintenance.


Sample processing and methods can be fluid as your research changes over the years. That is why the RapidVap is designed to accommodate your needs with interchangeable sample blocks.

  • The RapidVap Vertex can process sample volumes up to 60mL
  • The RapidVap Vacuum, N2 and N2/48 Systems can process volumes up to 450mL

End Point Detection

For certain types of research, it is important the samples do not evaporate to complete dryness. The RapidVap Vacuum, N2 and N2/48 Evaporators offer unique ways to ensure your samples are protected, allowing you to work on other things instead of watching your samples dry.

  • The Cool-Zone™ insulates samples in a glassware stem for end point, dramatically slowing down the evaporation process for the last few milliliters of sample. Glassware with stems are offered in a variety of end-point volumes.
  • As a backup to the Cool-Zone, the RapidVap monitors the system temperature in the block and in the heater. During operation, evaporative cooling of the solvent creates a differential between the block and heater temperatures. Once evaporation is nearly complete, the two temperatures equalize indicating end point is near. The alarm sounds and the PREHEAT/END ALARM indicator light flashes. 
  • The operator can always set the end point time and when set time has expired an audible alarm sounds and the RapidVap automatically turns off all functions.

Environmental Protection

As we continue to find new ways to help protect our environment, recovering solvents during evaporation has become increasingly important. The RapidVap Vacuum Evaporator can be used with a cold trap, in addition to the RapidVap Trapping Valve, to collect large volumes of volatile solvents. This lengthens the vapor dwell time within the cold trap, dramatically increasing trapping efficiency.

RapidVap Dry Evaporators are an efficient, versatile solution to evaporation for a broad range of sample preparation applications. To learn more about dry evaporators, please visit