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Everything You Need to Know to Minimize Risks in Endotoxin Testing

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Endotoxins can be a risk to patient safety. Even a low endotoxin concentration in the blood stream can produce inflammation in the human body; therefore, preventing endotoxin exposure to your patients is important. 

To prevent patient exposure to endotoxins, frequent and reliable testing for endotoxin levels on medical devices is required. Inactivation and destabilization of endotoxins is difficult because they have high heat tolerance and the ability to tolerate extreme pH values. Also, their removal is tedious as the lipopolysaccharides contain a hydrophobic lipid moiety and a hydrophilic phosphate group. Therefore, the most effective way to achieve an endotoxin-free level for products is to avoid exposure to the possible sources of endotoxins in the first place.

Download this resource guide now to guarantee consistently reliable endotoxin testing results with purity-certified pipette tips. 

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