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Experience Convenience Like Never Before with the Verso® Q20 Automated Sample Storage System

Free yourself from the time-consuming burden of picking sample tubes and embrace a fresh, new perspective

by Hamilton Storage Technologies
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FRANKLIN, MA — The new Verso® Q20 Automated Sample Storage System from Hamilton Storage lets you take control of your time—and your samples—with hands-free sample storage and access. Discover all the exciting benefits this compact powerhouse offers during its market debut in Booth #805 at the SLAS 2020 International Conference & Exhibition, January 25-29 at the San Diego Convention Center. 

Hamilton Storage Verso® Q20 Automated Sample Storage SystemHamilton Storage's Verso® Q20 automated sample storage system.Credit: Hamilton StorageAs the smallest high-density automated storage system we’ve ever offered, Verso Q20 works right where you work, not in a lab down the hall or in another building. Simply put, you now have instant access to your samples on your terms. With a few keystrokes on the user interface, or remotely through any mobile device or your laboratory information management system (LIMS), the system rapidly fulfills the order while you are free to focus attention elsewhere. With grab-and-go convenience in mind, Verso Q20 will even arrange samples just the way you want them. Imagine what you can accomplish while the system handles mundane sample picking tasks. Attend to other research tasks, retire for the night, or just grab a cup of coffee. 

Be the envy of your peers thanks to the extraordinary sample management capabilities found only in Verso Q20. Sample placement is practically effortless through the convenient I/O module. We added flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of labware types so you can continue using your preferred sample vessels. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that automated barcode scanning, lockout controls, and a full digital audit trail prevent the risk of lost or missing samples. 

On top of these amazing user conveniences, Verso Q20 uses a natural refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential and a low global warming potential (GWP) index of 3. In other words, Verso Q20 is a more environmentally friendly option than many freezers using conventional refrigerants. With this much efficiency and peace of mind, you’re sure to capture well-deserved attention as a research standout. 

To provide the utmost in hands-free workflow convenience, Verso Q20 boasts the ability to integrate with automated liquid handling systems from Hamilton Company or third-party robotic providers. 

Welcome to the convenience that only Verso Q20 can offer. The system is available with storage capacity of up to 36,000 type-dependent tubes in ANSI/SLAS compliant racks or up to 300 ANSI/SLAS compliant microplates, along with storage temperatures from ambient to -20 ºC, and 1D/2D barcoding.