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FairJourney Biologics Group Introduces Flow Eighteen38 for Protein Production and Antibody Characterization Services

Flow Eighteen38 will provide purified proteins and data to accelerate the success of antibody projects

FairJourney Biologics Group introduces Flow Eighteen38 for protein production and antibody characterization services

Flow Eighteen38 offers antibody production, from 96-well plates to deliver micrograms up to large scale, to deliver grams.

FairJourney Biologics

FairJourney Biologics is a leading biologics CRO, providing integrated services across antibody discovery, engineering, and production to global biopharma. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Porto, FairJourney has grown to...

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PORTO, PORTUGAL — February 8, 2021 — FairJourney Biologics (FJB) and IONTAS, leaders in the discovery and optimization of antibodies, have today announced the launch of a new protein sciences division, Flow Eighteen38. The new business unit has been introduced to accelerate customer antibody research projects, by delivering reagents, purified proteins, and characterization data on antibody panels and leads. 

As the market for antibody therapeutics continues to grow, there is an increased need for rapid purification and comprehensive antibody characterization to support lead selection and enable a swift transition to manufacturing. FJB Group’s new division will focus on addressing the purification and characterization needs for a broad range of customers, from research institutions and start-ups to globally operating biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies. 

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Flow Eighteen38 offers antibody production, from 96-well plates to deliver micrograms up to large scale, to deliver grams. The new services also comprise technologies for further functional and biophysical characterization including mass spectrometry, SPR, DLS, SLS, cIEF, CE-SDS, and chromatography methods. The services include antigen production, for use as immunogens and to generate new antibodies and reagents for research. 

Dr. Antonio Parada, CEO at FJB, commented: “Flow Eighteen38 offers standalone, bespoke, antibody purification and characterization capabilities to our growing network. This is complementary to our mammalian display and phage display discovery platforms and will further reduce risk for our partners by selecting the right antibody lead for cell line development and manufacturing.”

Maria Pajuelo, CSO at FJB commented: “We see Flow Eighteen38 as a significant milestone in combining knowledge across our organization into a new business unit. We look forward to expanding on our innovation in antibody discovery into the protein purification and characterization space, to offer faster and quality solutions for our current and future partners.”

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