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Fighting for Lab Safety with S.C.A.T. Europe

After 15 years of constant improvement, S.C.A.T. SafetyCaps belong to the global safety standard in pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories. They enable operators to get solvent vapors under control and create perfect solvent conditions for their HPLC systems. The automated caps think ahead and fight health and environmental hazards directly at their origin - the solvent receptacle. 

by SCAT Europe Safety Solutions

Good laboratory practice often requires more useful and cost-efficient solutions than fume cupboards or extraction hoods. This is why S.C.A.T. caps are installed within seconds and provide 100% protection. In addition, solvent costs will be cut down remarkably by protecting the solvent reservoir with a Safety- Cap. Even waste fluid containers can now be rebuilt into safe disposal devices, instead of being a hazard source.

Running a trouble-free HPLC lab requires avoiding accident risks, as well as keeping the system free of contamination. The SafetyCap system fulfils both functions with one simple and solid cap. The self-acting air valve blocks vapors and gases while pressurization and HPLC operation can take place as usual. However, the operator will realize significant quality advancement. Where contamination once used to cause retention time shifting and distortion of the chromatogram, there is now stability and reproducibility. The caps offer multiple sized tubing and capillary connectors which make them suitable for all types of liquid chromatography systems - regardless of their brand or manufacturer.

Securing your waste containers is just as easy. Putting the SafetyWasteCap on top turns a common canister into a disposal device with advanced safety features. The integrated exhaust filter collects hazardous vapors and prevents overpressure inside the container. The device even stays safely locked while discharging waste fluids via tubing directly from the HPLC system.

Wherever sample or solvent residues have to be discharged manually, the S.C.A.T. caps offer an integrated safety funnel which closes automatically after filling. This keeps the disposal device safely closed and prevents accident risks.

The modular system offers many additional features which can be added to the standard solvent caps. One of them is the integrated level sensor, helping the operator to keep an eye on filling levels and avoid unnoticed overflow. For those who do not operate HPLC systems and want to get their waste disposal under control anyway, S.C.A.T. also offers a wide range of safety funnels and disposal devices. There is also a series made of electroconductive plastic material against sparking and static charge.

Taking responsibility for health and environment protection is one of the lab manager‘s obligatory duties. On the other hand, it is easy to comply with these requirements quickly and cost-efficient, because the S.C.A.T. system has been developed especially for this purpose.