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Elevate Your Lab's Efficiency with Comprehensive Kitting and Services

Consolidated kits, bulk supply, requisition printing and logistics outsourcing management

In the dynamic landscape of laboratory operations, a seamless integration of logistical support and scalable kitting solutions is crucial for focusing on meaningful research and patient outcomes. 

Elevate Your Lab's Efficiency with Comprehensive Kitting and Services

Download this article now to learn about the following benefits of kitting solutions for labs:

  • Tailored solutions for your lab's needs: Kitting goes beyond just providing kits; it involves collaborating closely with your lab, addressing specific requirements for kit development and supply inventory management, which helps to ensure traceability and control of batch sizes.
  • Quality assurance at every step: Kitting quality systems align with the United States Food and Drug Administration’s current Good Manufacturing Practices for medical devices, fostering confidence in the integrity of your operations.
  • Efficient ordering and logistics: Simplify your procurement process with KitTrack ID technology that ensures intelligent order management, and offers secure 24/7 global access and customized menus.
  • Intelligent supply management (ISM) for sustainable operations: State-of-the-art ISM technology integrates seamlessly with CRM or LIMS systems, offering ease of supply order management, which allows you to reduce costs while increasing service levels with proactive inventory management.
  • Global distribution with precision: Benefit from globally harmonized kit production solutions from strategically located cGMP compliant facilities where each assembled kit is provided with a unique serial number, production lot number, and expiration date for efficient tracking and tracing.

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