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Webinar: Five Things Every Lab Needs but Doesn’t Have

Five Things Every Lab Needs but Doesn’t Have
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Five Things Every Lab Needs but Doesn’t Have
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Join Lab Manager and our panel of experts as we discuss five ways in which facilities can improve the workplace experience of scientists. Brought to you by PolyScience. 

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This presentation is brought to you by PolyScience. Discover how PolyScience is changing the world of temperature control by visiting

Safety and workflow efficiency are frequently the first priorities in the design of a laboratory facility. With the rigor and systematic processes required of science, the humanistic aspect of the scientist is often neglected. However, the recent climate has brought to the forefront the importance of incorporating health and wellness, inclusive design, and a vibrant culture to attract and retain the best talent. In this presentation, the speakers will explore the range of Moslow’s human needs and factors contributing to motivation as they directly influence workplace satisfaction according to Herzog’s theory. We will then provide concrete examples of five ways in which facilities can improve the workplace experience of scientists from a holistic human perspective.

Learning objectives

  • Identify basic human needs for survival and prosperity
  • Establish the relationship between the person, workplace satisfaction, and employee performance
  • Understand how to leverage research to achieve human-centric design
  • Learn about different ways facilities can improve working conditions for scientist
  • Discuss potential benefits of creating workplace environments that respond to human needs and provide better outcomes for people, process, and community

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