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Flexibility and Automation for Toxicology and Specialty Chemistry Testing with the Thermo Scientific Indiko Benchtop Analyzer

Offering quality, flexibility and automation the new Thermo Scientific™ Indiko random access analyzer fits ideally to small clinical laboratory settings wanting to save time and money.

by Thermo Scientific

Offering quality, flexibility and automation the new Thermo Scientific™ Indiko random access analyzer fits ideally to small clinical laboratory settings wanting to save time and money. Patient oriented testing produces results quickly thus enhancing the quality of patient care. Besides routine clinical chemistry testing, Indiko together with high-quality system reagents serves various dedicated specialty testing needs offering a complete, easy-to-use and cost-effective system solution. Compact design occupies only a small footprint, is easy to install, and does not require external water or drainage connections.

User-Friendly features

The Thermo Scientific Indiko offers several user-friendly automated features, like an advanced dilution management and a real-time monitoring of reagent usage, which help to manage a daily workload fluently. Samples, reagents and consumables can continuously be loaded without interrupting the testing process. The test flow definition allows for up to four reagent additions in each test, offering automation even for the most complex methods.

Flexible, easy operation

A mix of sample cups and bar-coded primary tubes may be used at any time, thus increasing the flexibility of operation. The self-guiding user interface is easy to learn and allows a streamlined information management. The Thermo Scientific Indiko offers various reporting options, and an advanced result inventory management. The automatic start-up protocol and a minimal daily maintenance maximizes analyzer uptime.
• Loadable application data from a two-dimensional barcode or from a text-file.
• Real-time monitoring of reagent usage, lot follow-up.
•Bi-directional LIS interface.

True walk-away analysis

Indiko together with bar-coded, ready to use Thermo Scientific system reagents is a reliable combination providing ease-of-use and flexibility for specialty chemistry and toxicology analysis, like pain management, and drug monitoring. Once loaded, the analyzer provides true walk-away time for the operator.
• Different sample types can be analyzed at the same time.
• Dilutions and re-analysis, when necessary, are fully automated.
• Real-time QC program with multiple Westgard rules.

Unique cuvettes

The unique cuvette design supports low reagent volumes thus remarkably reducing operating costs, especially important when working with specialty tests. Disposable cuvettes are used, ensuring accurate and precise results.

Large menu of bar-coded reagents

Thermo Scientific bar-coded reagents offer the most extensive menu of homogeneous enzyme immunoassays for drugs of abuse testing, and therapeutic drug monitoring including immunosuppressant testing. Our multiple technologies provide an important advantage of integrating Thermo Scientific ™ DRI, Thermo Scientific CEDIA and/or Thermo Scientific QMS technology into the testing program. DRI® products offer high analytical accuracy while eliminating time-consuming steps in reagent preparation. These liquid, ready-to-use reagents are widely accepted in laboratories ensuring optimized productivity and effective cost control. CEDIA® Reagents offer excellent performance in precision and lot-to-lot dependability as well as a stable shelf life. QMS® Reagents (particle-enhanced turbidimetric technology) represent the method of choice for the measurement of blood levels of therapeutic drugs including Immunosuppressants.

Now, the extensive menu of DAT, TDM and ISD assays is available as “Open and Go” system reagents on our self-contained bench-top analyzer, the Thermo Scientific Indiko. Our system packaged reagents are bar-coded to allow flexibility and ease of use for the operator.


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