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FlowCam®: The Next Generation Particle Analyzer

Flow imaging microscopy for particle characterization

by Lab Manager

Small required sample volume

Stop wasting your precious samples. The FlowCam only requires a minimum sample of 100 μL per run. Other particle analysis instrumentation requires at least 1ml.

Fluorescence detection available

The newest instrument release includes a redesigned optical path, high-powered laser, and more sensitive PMTs to enhance fluorescence signal analysis (excitation options: 488nm, 532nm, 633nm).

Quick and easy

The FlowCam is streamlined for rapid data acquisition and analysis. Obtain statistically significant results in as little as 10 minutes. Maximize your FlowCam utilization with a hands-on training led by our customer support technicians customized for your application.

Sophisticated software

Paired intelligent software, VisualSpreadsheet®, saves a picture of each particle/organism, creating a digital record that can be analyzed at any time. VisualSpreadsheet uses image recognition algorithms and machine learning to create libraries of particle types and allows the user to customize their experience to meet requirements.

Real images

Most particle analysis techniques assume that all particles are spheres. Beyond screening real particle images, the FlowCam provides more than 40 direct particle measurements, including: diameter, volume, circularity, fiber curl, aspect ratio, roughness, edge gradient, and more.

a photo of the flowcam lo particle analyzer in the lab

FlowCam provides digital images and information on particle size and shape (morphology) so you can isolate different particle types from a heterogeneous mixture. The advantages of a system that shows you images of your particles (over non-imaging technologies like light obscuration or laser diffraction) is that you can ensure the contents of your products are what you intend. Ensure quality and detect process flaws easily.

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