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For the Highest Quality Lab Instruments, Choose Fine Science Tools

For over 45 years, Fine Science Tools (FST) has been the leading distributor of high-quality, precision European surgical and microsurgical instruments and laboratory accessories.

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Investing in Quality is Cost-Effective

Investing in high quality surgical instruments, made from materials specifically suited for particular applications, translates to improved instrument performance and supports better experimental outcomes. The longer lifespan also produces significant cost-savings over time, as it eliminates the need for continuous replacement due to wear and tear.  Fine Science Tools offers products made from high-quality materials and alloys, designed to offer excellent and consistent results for every application, The following are some of the instrument features and product lines we offer: 

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest alloys available. It is ideal for laboratories that place a heavy demand on surgical instruments. FST offers a variety of tungsten carbide options which includes: scissors, forceps, needle holders and burrs.

  • Tungsten carbide instruments lasts 1.9x longer than stainless steel.

ToughCut® Scissors

ToughCut® is a great choice for cutting through extremely tough tissues. Two different blades, one honed to razor sharpness, and another micro-serrated to minimize tissue slippage, produces accurate and clean cuts, on even the toughest tissues. 

  • Our ToughCut® scissors lasts 2.3x longer than regular stainless steel scissors.
  • We also offer ToughCut® scissors with tungsten carbide, which lasts 4.1x longer than stainless steel scissors. 

CeramaCut® and Ceramic

Ceramic-coated tools have the longest cutting life and a high slide capacity that reduces surface tension to deliver much cleaner cuts. For the most durable and smoothest cutting scissors, our CeramaCut® line combines ToughCut® technology with tungsten carbide edges and a ceramic coating.

  • Ceramacut® scissors are FST’s most durable and cleanest-cutting scissors, which last 6.6x longer than regular stainless steel scissors. 


Titanium is lighter, stronger and more flexible than stainless steel. Titanium offers excellent corrosion resistance to saltwater, saline, blood and bodily fluids, oxidizing acids, alkalis, and chlorides. It is also non-magnetic and suitable for working with nerves. 

Student Line

Made with quality stainless steel to maintain precision, our student line is ideal for use in the classroom where students are learning proper instrument technique and care. Available at a reduced cost, and with quantity discounts, these are an excellent choice for teaching and learning.

  • Student Line instruments may require extra care as they do not have the extensive hand polishing found in our regular line.

Left Handed/Large Loop Options

  • In order to best provide for the needs of our customers, Fine Science Tools is happy to offer numerous left-handed and large loop options.

Proper Care and Maintenance Add Years to an Instrument’s Life

At Fine Science Tools, we believe a little extra care goes a long way to improve the function and longevity of our instruments. In addition to careful handling, employing proper cleaning, sterilization, and storage techniques will keep your surgical tools in excellent condition for many years.

It is essential to clean and thoroughly dry instruments as soon as possible after use to prevent corrosion. Prior to cleaning, rinse instruments under warm running water to remove blood and tissue, and be sure to use a pH neutral cleaning solution. Select soft textile or paper cloths, plastic brushes made of nylon, or water spray guns, and avoid steel wool and wire brushes, as they are abrasive and can cause damage to your instruments. 

Scissors can be cleaned manually, and it is important that they are properly rinsed and lubricated—at the joints and hinges where materials accumulate—and then thoroughly air dried. Alternatively, ultrasonic cleaning is a highly effective method, capable of dislodging dirt and particles in small crevices. When placing instruments in the ultrasonic cleaner, it is important that the instruments do not touch. Make sure to only wash instruments made from similar materials together in the same cycle. Following the cleaning cycle, thoroughly rinse and dry instruments with a clean and soft towel.

Sterilization is crucial to prevent contamination, and can be achieved with autoclave, hot bead sterilization, and ethylene oxide methods. Prior to sterilization, ensure instruments are free from all traces of organic matter. 

When autoclaving instruments, all hinges and/or springs should be unlocked to ensure the steam reaches all surfaces and to prevent heat expansion and damage. Alternatively, hot bead sterilization is a fast, convenient way to sterilize tips and blades. Twenty seconds of contact ensures instruments are free of pathogens and microbial contaminants. With ethylene oxide sterilization, it is important that items are packaged securely in either sterilization pouches or containers. We recommend FST Instruments be kept separately from other instruments to prevent the risk of contamination from unknown alloys.

Storing instruments in unfavorable conditions may result in oxidation (rust), which can damage blades, hinges, and overall degrade instruments. When not in use, instruments should be stored in a clean, dry environment with tip protectors and instrument cases to prevent possible damage.

Fine Science Tools Quality Guarantee

We believe quality matters most when choosing instruments for your laboratory. Fine Science Tools surgical instruments are meticulously manufactured using the finest German stainless steel alloys, each tool undergoes a thorough quality control process to earn the FST Inspected sticker. With this in mind, Fine Science Tools offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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