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Forensic Information Management Should Be More Than a LIMS

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss analyzing cross-case data to identify trends that can be used for predictive and prescriptive intelligence

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Today’s law enforcement organizations need more than a LIMS. Historically, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) were designed for testing labs. A conventional LIMS, for example, could be utilized to test water samples or raw materials in a manufacturing process. Forensic organizations require a case-focused system that encompasses the full evidentiary life cycle. For example, in the market, there are stand-alone quality management systems. A better approach is to employ a system that incorporates quality features to support compliance with ISO17025 and other regulatory bodies.

Some other functions that move a solution from LIMS to a full Forensic Information Management System are property management, crime scene work, medical examiner, external user portal, and forensic intelligence. Evidence is typically stored in a property warehouse until it is required for testing and then until disposition. Crime scene investigators must be able to quickly enter information and begin the critical chain of custody process. External forensic stakeholders must be able to submit evidence to the lab process, check the status of that evidence, and receive reports without having to navigate the entire LIMS system. Forensic data is kept separate from the case from which it originated. Why not make the most of your data by analyzing cross-case data to identify trends that can be used for predictive and prescriptive intelligence?

The technology at the core of the platform is a key consideration. The solution should be browser agnostic and cyber-secure. Finally, it is crucial that the platform an organization chooses can support them for years to come.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • Why you need a forensic information management system versus a generic LIMS
  • What functions should you expect in a forensic information management system
  • How can you be confident the underlying technology is rigorous enough to support your operation for years to come


Dr. Robin MacDonald
Senior Product Manager

 Bob Hilbert
Director, Government and Forensic Solutions

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