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Franek Technologies Safeguards State of Wyoming Public Health Laboratory's $1M Investment in Critical Instrumentation

Based on comprehensive analysis, Franek Technologies develops customized solution to protect the State of Wyoming Public Health L

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Based on comprehensive analysis, Franek Technologies develops customized solution to protect the State of Wyoming Public Health Laboratory's $1M investment in critical instrumentation with 25 additional certified power protection units.

Tustin, CA - The consulting engineering group at Franek Technologies, Inc., the leader in Category III-3 Laboratory Protection Systems (LPS/UPS), always embraces a challenge. The group's most recent accomplishment was developing a customized power protection solution for the State of Wyoming Public Health Laboratory's $1M investment in critical, highly specialized instrumentation from Agilent, Applied Biosystems, Biomerieux, Bio-Rad, Cepheid, Gen Probe, Hitachi, Roche Diagnostics, Thermo Fisher, Trinity BioTech, and Varian. The state's Public Health Laboratory had been saddled with 30-40 power outages annually, due to weather and power surges in their public power distribution system, adversely affecting the productivity of the department. To protect the laboratory's significant investment in instrumentation and ensure the viability of reportable results against its inherent inconsistent power delivery, they initially investigated acquiring a building-wide central power protection system. It soon became apparent that this approach was both extremely costly and wouldn't provide the level of protection required. They then sought the engineering expertise of Franek Technologies and learned that they could cost-effectively install an additional 25 discrete instrument-specific power protection units to protect patient samples and decrease retesting, replacement, calibrator, and reagent costs.

To determine the precise power protection requirements of the laboratory, the consulting group at Franek Technologies conducted a comprehensive on-site review and engineering analysis of power consumption. Based on this analysis, the group made recommendations for optimal protection against brown-outs, power surges, and intra-lab harmonics distortion, as well as for laboratory design to maximize the laboratory's instrumentation potential. After the installation of the recommended 25 certified Franek Technologies LPS units, the laboratory now has the highest level of power protection available to ensure that the instrumentation, which processes 80,000 samples annually, is performing at its peak, per the manufacturer's specifications.

The state-of-the-art Public Health Laboratory relies on extremely sophisticated instrumentation to conduct high-throughput research to better understand, treat, and ultimately prevent infectious, pandemic, and immunologic diseases, as well as bioterrorism threats. Such long-term testing and processes often rely on highly leveraged robotic automation that is extremely sensitive to uncontrolled electrical and environmental conditions, such as power fluctuations, harmonics, or interruptions.

"The power distribution analysis provided by Franek Technologies was comprehensive and has been used extensively," explained Jim Walford, Microbiology Supervisor State of Wyoming Public Health Laboratory. "Now that the systems are in place and operational, we are confident that the Franek Technologies LPS units are protecting exactly what they were purchased to do. Each LPS unit is running very well and we have not experienced a single outage since installation."

"Based on our 30+ years of experience, we know that our engineering consulting services team will determine the optimal solution to manage any lab's electrical distribution challenges," commented Raymond L. Hecker, VP/General Manager and leader of the consulting engineering group of Franek Technologies. "Over the years we have worked with numerous government and state-wide laboratories to develop customized uninterruptible instrumentation grade power protection solutions that ensure that each laboratory and all of its critical analyzers and supporting equipment run smoothly 24/7."

Franek Technologies, Inc. specializes in providing Laboratory Productivity/Protection Systems (LPS) for analytical, diagnostics, forensic, life-science, pharmaceutical and biotechnology instrumentation systems applications. Its certified uninterruptible battery backup power sources for laboratory and instrumentation applications protect over $3 billion in laboratory assets worldwide. The company's power engineers have developed LPS/UPS products for over 1,500 instrumentation applications, from more than 100 manufacturers, to meet US Government power requirements. For more information, call (800) 326-6480 or visit