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FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific Launches BalanCD Gal Supplement for Biotherapeutic Development

Delivers enhanced galactosylation for improved protein quality, and antibody binding and function

by FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific
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SANTA ANA, California, 10 September, 2019 — FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific, Inc., a world leader in the optimization, development, and manufacture of cell culture media and industrial cell culture solutions, today introduced BalanCD Gal Supplement. The new formula has been developed to increase galactosylation in biotherapeutic development, to help achieve desired glycan profiles for improved product quality and antibody efficacy. 

FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific's BalanCD Gal SupplementFUJIFILM Irvine Scientific's BalanCD Gal Supplement.Credit: FUJIFILM Irvine ScientificGlycosylation is a critical aspect in development and optimization of protein-based therapeutics. The type and level of glycosylation can significantly affect antibody binding, function, and therapeutic efficacy. Galactosylation (the glycosylation of galactose) is a key method for controlling product quality due to the significant impact it has on antibody function, and the ability to control levels of galactosylation through the cell culture medium. 

BalanCD Gal Supplement is a chemically-defined, animal component-free formula designed to increase N-linked galactosylation with a scalable protocol, offering researchers a simple method to control the process through the cell culture medium. The supplement is effective at low concentrations and is compatible with any basal growth medium. 

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BalanCD Gal Supplement has been developed as part of the BalanCD CHO media platform—an extended portfolio of chemically-defined, animal component-free growth and feed media formulated using Rational Culture Media Design. This multidimensional approach uses sequential, complementary development methods to leverage FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific scientists’ expertise in the effects of components and process parameters. The result is a media platform that delivers the precise combination of nutrients to maximize productivity, growth, and viability of CHO cell lines. 

“The BalanCD Gal Supplement has been designed to incorporate seamlessly into our BalanCD media portfolio, providing researchers in biotherapeutic development with a holistic, efficient growth and production platform. Developed by our expert research and development group, the new supplement supports scientists in streamlining workflows, ultimately to advance emerging therapies,” said Robert Newman PhD, chief scientific officer, FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific. 

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