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Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Materials with the iXR

New compact Raman spectrometer allows for simultaneous analysis of a single measurement point using multiple analytical techniques

by Thermo Fisher Scientific,Lab Manager
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Materials science researchers and analytical chemists looking for a compact Raman spectrometer that provides simultaneous analysis of a single measurement point using multiple analytical techniques have a new option. Thermo Fisher Scientific’s iXR multi-modal Raman spectrometer was recently launched at Pittcon 2017 in Chicago. The information the instrument provides can deepen materials understanding and accelerate product engineering by demonstrating relationships between molecular composition, surface performance, and structural performance that might otherwise be difficult to establish.

“Researchers working in materials science and characterization require a deeper and more rapid understanding of new materials,” said Phillip van de Werken, vice president and general manager, molecular spectroscopy, Thermo Fisher. “The iXR Raman spectrometer builds upon our leadership in hyphenated technologies to advance our customers’ understanding of the physical properties of materials while simultaneously shedding light on the chemistry.”

The iXR uses optical interfacing to simultaneously provide a chemical fingerprint and material structure data while gathering elemental or physical information from complementary instrumentation that provides immediate correlation of data. It is designed to enable new product improvements, facilitate failure analysis, and accelerate the engineering of new materials.

With the new instrument, scientists can now combine Raman in a compact form with complementary analytical techniques such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), X-ray diffraction, or rheology in laboratories looking to achieve research-quality materials analysis. Combining chemical and morphological information with elemental and physical properties can provide deeper insight into the cause and effect between chemistry and performance.

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