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Gas Safety Management During Covid-19

Gas Safety Management During COVID-19

Good things come in small packages: Improve safety by using an on-site gas generator

by Peak Scientific

Getting a safe and reliable gas supply has been difficult in the past. For lab personnel, compressed gas cylinders are bulky, difficult to maneuver, prone to unplanned leakage, and present a danger as damaged cylinders can turn into rockets. In today’s world of COVID-19, another risk has arisen with the need for regular cylinder delivery and handling, increasing exposure risks. Leading manufacturers, such as Peak Scientific (Billerica, MA), offer solutions to the current crisis and all your gas safety concerns, with gas generation systems for hydrogen, nitrogen, and zero air.

Reduce COVID-19 exposures by switching to in-house gas generation

COVID-19 has impacted all aspects of laboratory life. For those in need of a reliable gas supply, it has hit doubly hard. Supply chains and delivery services have been severely disrupted, making it stressful wondering if your gas supply will arrive this week. Also, gas cylinder deliveries must be made in person, on a regular basis. Every time these deliveries happen, it adds to the COVID-19 exposure risk of all staff involved. By switching to on-site gas generation, you can eliminate all third-party gas deliveries, removing all COVID-19 exposure risks and never worry about supply chain disruptions again.

Users understand that ease of maintenance is important when selecting a gas generator. The only regular maintenance for products, such as Peak Scientific’s Precision Hydrogen SL generator, is to swap the desiccant cartridge and replace the deionizer cartridge. Both actions can be done at your convenience, so you never have to risk running out of gas.

Speed is another deciding factor when selecting a gas generation solution. Precision SL’s desiccant cartridge can be swapped without any tools in 60 seconds or less, and once a year a new deionizer cartridge can be changed in about two minutes. All of this can be done by the user without an on-site engineer. As an added benefit, using on-site gas lowers your administrative and delivery costs by eliminating regular ordering. Caring for an on-site gas generator takes less time than swapping gas cylinders and you never need to worry about empty tanks again.

Precision Hydrogen SL.
Peak scientific

Eliminate the physical hazards of gas cylinders

The use of compressed gas cylinders comes with high risk, even without the risk of COVID-19 exposure. Visit just about any university or government site and look up the hazards of gas cylinders and you will find cautions about damaged cylinders becoming projectiles or pinwheels, with the potential to cause severe injury and damage. Simply handling the bulky cylinders can cause injuries to staff, and considering how often they need to be changed, the risk is multiplied.

Modern gas generators also take up far less space than gas cylinders. For example, Peak’s Precision SL is smaller than most desktop computers and weighs only 17.7 pounds. Gas generators never need to be rolled around the lab or chained to the wall, either. Simple push-button operations also remove the fear that the valves of the cylinders have been tightened appropriately or without cross-threading. On-site gas generation is simple and safe.

Protect your experiments with a reliable, high-quality gas supply

Users of GC-FID understand that a reliable flow of hydrogen gas is needed for optimum sensitivity. But that supply of hydrogen comes with risks. New on-demand gas generators store very little hydrogen; less than 150 mL stored in the generator. Other features to look for in a gas generator include fail-safe automatic shutdown in the unlikely event of a leak of the small amount of on-board hydrogen. Switching to on-site gas generation removes the risks of accidental leakage, and the need to store hydrogen gas in large volumes in your lab.

Save time with your own gas generator

Risks to your time and experiments are also reduced with in-house gas generation. No longer having to change out cylinders isn’t the only advantage to your workflow. Gas generators never run out of gas and the gas they produce is always the same high quality. Never worry about impurities when your cylinder runs low and how it will impact your results and repeatability. On-site gas generation also eliminates all uncertainty regarding availability and fluctuating costs for your compressed gases. Use your own gas generator to reduce risks to your experiments and your budget.

Rely on the quality of Peak Scientific

When shopping for on-site gas generators, make sure to find one that meets internationally recognized standards. All countries have marking systems in place, such as the CSA, FCC, and the EU’s CE marking programs. These certifications are evidence the gas generator complies with international health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

Stop worrying about gas leaks, dangerous gas cylinders, failed experiments, or COVID-19 exposures during deliveries. Count on your own on-site gas generation system, to ensure your needs are met by the safest and most reliable options on the market.

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