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Gate Scientific Expands Wireless smartSENSE® Stir Bar Family with pH and Spin Sensing

Introducing the world’s first stir bars capable of continuous pH measurement and spin monitoring along with temperature feedback

by Gate Scientific
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Gate Scientific, a Silicon Valley-based life science and diagnostic company, is continuing to lead the way in wireless sensing and IoT for laboratory applications and is now introducing the world’s first stir bars capable of continuous pH measurement and spin monitoring along with temperature feedback.

“The wireless technology incorporated into the smartSENSE pH stir bar forms the basis for a revolutionary paradigm shift in our customers' ability to obtain tight thermal control and constant pH monitoring of any reaction, formulation, bioprocess, or titration—even in a completely sealed environment,” says Kris Scaboo, CTO of Gate Scientific. “Our customers are really excited about this new opportunity to directly measure process parameters without being hampered by setup constraints related to wired probes." The wireless smartSENSE platform consists of wireless stir bars, equipped with RFID for communication and power, for temperature, pH and spin sensing and the state-of-the-art digital programmable chemical lab station for heating, stirring, wireless sensing, remote control and monitoring.

The RFID enabled smartSENSE stir bars continuously relays the data to the wireless chemical lab station, which based on the real-time information from the stir bar, will self-adjust the heat to maintain the temperature as specified. Leveraging the IoT for Labs capabilities, the setup may be accessed remotely from a computer or smartphone for monitoring, control and data logging.

Gate Scientific is working to leverage the smartSENSE technology being developed and rapidly expand its wireless sensor portfolio to provide information not thought possible insuring unparalleled quality control. The wireless smartSENSE temperature stir bar won the Gold Excellence Award at Pittcon 2018 and the smartSENSE pH stir bar has received the same recognition at Pittcon 2019. 

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