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Gel Timer Viscometer For Measuring Gel Coats, Resins, and Potting Compounds

AMETEK Brookfield introduces the new Gel Timer DV2T Viscometer

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basic-ametek-GelTimerAMETEK Brookfield introduces the new Gel Timer DV2T Viscometer. This viscometer serves as a replacement for the Sunshine Gel Timer. It features a unique magnetic compression-fit coupling to easily attach/detach the glass rod to instrument.  When gel time is reached, the display shows both gel time and equivalent viscosity value.  The integrated temperature probe provides peak exotherm data in °C or °F if needed.

Test method can be run manually or automatically, using the time-to-torque program stored in instrument memory.  Viscosity data generated during the test may also prove helpful for complete characterization of material flow behavior.  

The Gel Timer DV2T provides continuous torque sensing capability with live display of real time data, making it the preferred choice in QC for measuring gel coats, resins, and potting compounds. The DV3T Rheometer and the DV1M viscometer can also be configured as a gel timer instrument.

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Packs of 10 glass rods are available and spare magnetic couplings can be retrofit to existing Brookfield viscometers.

For more information about the new Gel Timer DV2T Viscometer, visit or call 800.628.8139 (USA and Canada) or 508.946.6200.