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Gene Modification for Cell Therapy Applications

A streamlined path to clinical cell therapy manufacturing

The clinical success of CAR T cell therapy is spurring increased interest and investment in these advanced therapeutics. Risk mitigation is critical to the manufacture of these therapeutics, and the workflow must incorporate equipment and reagents suitable for clinical manufacturing. 

Manufacturing solutions appropriate for long-term commercialization of therapeutic products include electroporation systems and the Cas9 Protein. Together, they can create a streamlined path to clinical cell therapy manufacturing.

This application note covers:

  • How a large-volume electroporation system can be used with the Cas9 protein
  • The scale-up capabilities of the electroporation system 
  • The efficiency of the system and the functionality of resulting CAR T cells (including expansion, viability, phenotype, and knock-in and knockout efficiency) 

Download this application note to learn how the Gibco™ CTS™ Xenon™ Electroporation system and TrueCut™ Cas9 Protein are designed to provide a streamlined path to clinical cell manufacturing. 

cover of the gene modification for cell therapy pdf

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