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New Lab Tech Software System Speeds Up COVID-19 Testing

GoMeyra LIMS announces national lab and medical practice clients as COVID-19 propels surge in demand for new lab tech software system


GoMeyra LIMS is a comprehensive and fully customizable cloud-based laboratory information management solution developed by bringing together the expertise of world-class scientists and lab informatics with enterprise-level software engineers and...

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LAS VEGAS, NV — GoMeyra, an innovative new software company dedicated to providing revolutionary tech solutions for medical laboratories, announces its roster of national labs and medical practice clients now utilizing the proprietary system, GoMeyra LIMS. Officially launched on October 13, 2020, the customizable cloud-based lab information management system was created during the COVID-19 lockdown to help with the testing crisis and is now positioned to help laboratories enter a new era of adaptability and efficiency for years to come.   

GoMeyra LIMS is transforming the industry by empowering labs to provide unprecedented PCR test processing times. Currently the end-to-end processing platform for dozens of labs and medical practices in the US, GoMeyra LIMS is making an immediate impact on productivity—tripling daily testing capacity and empowering labs to provide same-day patient results within hours.  

Developed during the pandemic-induced economic shutdown, GoMeyra LIMS is helping thousands of Americans return to work and normal activities by servicing labs in six of the largest metropolitan areas in the US, and through national client contracts with enterprise-level agencies, entertainment productions, and professional sports organizations.  

Here are just a few of the laboratories and medical practices across the U.S. currently using GoMeyra LIMS:

  • Atlas Genomics - Seattle, WA; Austin, TX; Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA – CLIA licensed high complexity molecular diagnostic lab that offers COVID-19 testing authorized for use under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). 
  • Genus3 – Houston, TX – CLIA certified laboratory with over 30 years in the medical and pharmaceutical industries offering the EUA approved Genus SARS-CoV-2 assay with industry leading turnaround time. 
  • BalboaDx – Southern California – full-service CLIA licensed diagnostic laboratory that assists with assessment protocols for healthcare facilities and companies dealing with COVID-19 testing for patients and employees. 
  • Athlete Advantage Medical - Nationwide – Athlete Advantage Medical handles medical testing for athletes and staff for televised combat fighting events (MMA and boxing) including UFC, Top Rank, Golden Boy, Bellator, etc., as well as competition events such as Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and the World’s Strongest Man.

“GoMeyra LIMS addresses the underlying problems facing an antiquated lab system, and provides a new way to address old problems. With quicker accessioning and reporting built-in, test results can be obtained swiftly, and the ease-of-use provides the ability to adapt to new testing needs without delay,” said Jaswant S. Tony, founder and chief executive officer for GoMeyra.  

GoMeyra Network

A unique feature of GoMeyra LIMS is the coordination of overflow testing across its lab-to-lab network to efficiently manage high daily sample volumes and maximize testing capacity. With more clients using the platform, the GoMeyra Network continues to expand the interconnectivity of labs across the country, providing an exclusive community to reference specimens, conduct correlation, and help manage spikes in testing. 

“GoMeyra has improved our efficiencies on accessioning and reporting by 300 percent. When you’re doing 1,000 tests per day, that time savings is massive. With our previous system, it would take three technicians five minutes to accession each specimen, and now one accessioner can process one sample in 30 seconds. Providing same-day results are now possible for us,” said Matt Haskin, founder and partner, BalboaDx Laboratories.