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Webinar: Goodbye Sticker Shock

Goodbye Sticker Shock
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Goodbye Sticker Shock
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Identifying and Implementing a Label Automation Plan that Works for your Process and Budget

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In traditional industrial settings, manufacturers are already reaping the benefits of process automation. Technology, from computers to robotics, has changed the way manufacturers work, decreasing their errors and increasing their output. In the laboratory setting, staffing challenges as well as an unprecedented need for information and data have jump-started the conversation around laboratory automation. Automated liquid handling, sample processing, and sample storage can all provide effective workflow automation. However, are scientists resisting the transition to automated workflows because they seem financially unattainable?

Label automation provides another level of efficiency for those who are already on their automation journey and have thought automation to be out of reach in the past. While past conversations around labeling have explored the efficiencies that could be attained by transitioning to printed labels, label automation is much more impactful. It allows scientists to assess their specific workflow and integrate technologies in ways that work best in their labs.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How labeling automation can support your workflow and which aspects are most impactful to your unique situation
  • How to recognize key considerations for the implementation of label automation
  • What other customers have gained from label automation