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Guide to Automated Sample Preparation for GC and GC-MS

For environmental, food & beverage, and metabolomics samples

Pressure to improve productivity leads testing laboratories to increase automation and expand unattended working hours. A typical bottleneck of an analytical workflow is manual sample handling and preparation. Such procedures often represent tedious and time-consuming activities, potentially requiring large quantities of expensive reagents and hazardous solvents to be disposed. 

Increasing the level of automation for sample preparation is a way to relieve laboratories’ workload and increase sample-throughput, while ensuring, through robotic operation, error-free and highly precise results. Automated sampling solutions, combined with highly sensitive GC/GC-MS instruments, are key to enabling laboratories work more efficiently and meet productivity goals.

Download this guide to learn more about the available automated workflows for environmental, food, pharma, and metabolomic analyses.

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