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Handling the Multi-User Lab with Ease

Shared facilities or common equipment rooms, often result in a laboratory having a number of unique users with varying levels of centrifuge experience.

by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Save Time and Improve Safety

This presents unique challenges to lab managers and facilities managers responsible for ensuring safe operation, maximizing uptime, and minimizing maintenance costs associated with these centrifuges. These tasks are easier to accomplish using features built into Optima XPN ultracentrifugues and Avanti JXN Series high-performance centrifuges by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. This allows laboratories to focus on quality sample preparation and research results, instead of extensive training and safety concerns.

Easy to Use

Users will find it easy to learn, read and navigate the large LCD touch screen on these instruments, even from across the lab. The Windows®-based user interface makes training and usage easier while reducing setup time and the possibility for errors. Users can focus on getting results rather than learning the instruments, because they simply interact with an intuitive graphical interface, available in multiple languages. An on-screen context-sensitive “help” feature puts answers at the user’s fingertips, saving time and effort. Up to 1,000 user-defined programs consisting of up to 30 steps each are available on the Optima XPN and Avanti JXN Series, so that virtually any protocol can be set up and stored for future use.

Protected Access

Password protection for up to 50 unique user profiles enables multi-user laboratory environments to control access. It’s simple to allow users the appropriate security levels–Administrator, Super User or Operator. This way, the lab manager can control the level of access each user has to the centrifuge according to the permissions that follow. And with remote access, the user management can be done by the lab manager without leaving the office.

Detailed Run History and Rotor Tracking by Serial Number

Powerful tracking capability eliminates the need for paper logbooks that require manual entries. It also ensures that details of each run are recorded and linked to a specific user. Detailed run tracking builds an archive of each run that includes: the user operating the centrifuge, date/time, run parameters, and any diagnostics or errors that were issued during the run. Users can also track the number of cycles accumulated on specific rotors.


In multi-user environments, users may find themselves having to walk down the hall, to another floor, or even into another building to get to centrifuges in a common equipment room. With remote monitoring and control of the Optima XPN and Avanti JXN Series centrifuges, users can access the centrifuge from virtually anywhere via personal computer or mobile device using the custom MobileFuge application available for iOS and Android™ devices. Using the email diagnostic alerts feature, lab managers can be notified whenever there is an issue with a centrifuge.

User LevelPermission
AdministratorUnlimited access
Super UserCan run all programs, run the centrifuge manally, manage users, assign
programs, manage the rotor library, perform calculations and simulations.*
OperatorCan run assigned programs, and change user options.

*Calculations and simulations available on Optima XPN Series only.

Optima XPN / Avanti JXN Series Features
Up to 50 unique user profilesYes
Detailed run trackingYes
Apple® iOS-compatible versionYes
Android™-compatible versionYes
Ethernet connectionYes
Email alarmsYes
Service engineers check diagnostics online*Yes
Service engineers check diagnostics on-screenYes

*Requires customer IT support.