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Hettich Lab Technology Designs

Hettich Lab Technology designs, engineers, and manufactures a comprehensive line of cell culture processing equipment that delivers repeatable results for a variety of workflow requirements.

by Hettich Lab Technology

We offer a full range cell culture centrifuge packages, from compact benchtop units to high-throughput floor-standing models, that include everything you need to perform your application. Additionally we offer our eco-friendly HettCube incubators that increase the capacities of laboratories by providing consistent results in twice the internal volume, yet half the external footprint, of competitive models. With a variety of sizes, capacities, and performances, Hettich Lab Technology manufactures a cell culture centrifuge package and incubator to suit the needs of your laboratory.

For over 110 years, Hettich Lab Technology has worked with lab managers to engineer laboratory equipment that meet the demands of the modern laboratory. Today, lab managers not only require a centrifuge that matches the specific pace of their laboratory, but also one that compliments the environment of their lab and offers an attractive return on investment.

Hettich designs a cell culture centrifuge package ( to meet the demands of any laboratory, but each Hettich centrifuge includes standard Hettich advantages to improve the environment of every laboratory. All Hettich centrifuges include ergonomic features that help lab technicians focus on the job, such as our Easy-Lift lid and Quiet Operation, which prevents the centrifuge from contributing to laboratory noise levels. Our centrifuges also facilitate laboratory safety with features such as all-metal containment and Safety-Lock. All Hettich centrifuges are manufactured with a dedication to quality, safety, and reliability and are protected by our five (5) year warranty.

Hettich HettCube incubators ( incubators) are engineered to decrease operation costs by delivering reliable results in higher batches, in less space, while consuming less energy. Our incubators are able to provide repeatable results in greater quantities because of their intelligent temperature management system. Unlike other incubators, HettCubes do not rely on an internal fan to distribute temperature. Instead, a fan is housed outside of usable space, and temperature is distributed homogenously through radiated heat. Without an internal fan, HettCubes offer more usable space, and do not incur hotspots, which dry out samples. Additionally, HettCubes only heat and cool as necessary, allowing them to run at a mere 0.05 kWh.

Like our centrifuges, HettCube incubators include several ergonomic features that make operation safer and easier. HettCubes are available in a variety of sizes and capacities.

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