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High Energy Ball Milling Equipment

The aim to achieve ultrafine and nano-sized materials is becoming of great importance as effort in nanotechnology is a key driver in the development of innovative products.  To attain particles in this region, many techniques can be used such as synthesizing such materials as well as high energy milling. 

by Verder Scientific

Retsch offers a full complement of high energy ball milling equipment. 

The planetary ball mill offering from Retsch continues to be a key research tool in many labs that are in need of achieving finely ground sample particles in addition to submicron materials and mechanical alloying. The planetary ball mill has been the historical “go-to” instrument for fine grinding applications.

For customers with small samples that require finely ground material, the Retsch mixer mills are an optimal choice.  With the ability to process small sample quantities to a fine powder in a relatively short time, these units are used in many research facilities for these homogenizing requirements.  Also, the Retsch mixer mills are often used in the area of mechanochemistry research as sample size and grinding energy are ideal for such applications.

In addition to high energy planetary ball mills and mixer mills, the Retsch Cryomill is specially designed for cryogenic grinding with an integrated liquid nitrogen cooling system.  It is an ideal solution for customers that need to keep material at -196°C to avert degradation of sample and/or to bring material to its glass transition state for efficient grinding.

The EMAX is a newly designed and released high energy ball mill that brings a new technology/technique to the sample preparation laboratory.  The EMAX is designed specifically for high energy ball milling as it features a variable speed drive up to 2000rpm, and considering the high rpm levels also features an internal water cooling system that can also be adapted to an external chiller, thus eliminating down time from overheating.  With these functional performance features, the EMAX also has a special grinding jar and motion that optimizes the grinding energy and force in order to attain ultrafine and nano-sized materials.

As an industry leader in sample preparation, Retsch prides itself on maintaining and continually developing its product portfolio to meet the requirements and demands of our customers.  With a full team of trained application specialists, Retsch is always looking forward to addressing customer’s applications and requirements.

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