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High-Performance, Eco-Friendly, Gas Chromatograph

Shimadzu introduces the Brevis™ GC-2050 which consumes less power than conventional models

the New  Brevis™ GC-2050 gas chromatograph on a white background

In addition to the compact design, the Brevis GC-2050 system offers a choice of sample introduction units and detectors, allowing the use of commercial columns.

by Shimadzu
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COLUMBIA, MD — Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the Brevis™ GC-2050 gas chromatograph with built-in analytical intelligence to deliver best-in-class analytical performance in a space-saving compact design. The eco-friendly Brevis GC-2050 consumes 30 percent less power than conventional models, minimizes helium gas use and supports alternative carrier gasses.

The width of the Brevis GC-2050 system is only 350 mm (approximately 14 inches) including the AOC-30i auto injector. Despite this space-saving design, the GC oven does not require a dedicated column, and up to two general capillary columns can be used.

The Brevis GC-2050 system delivers analytical precision with the AOC-30i auto injector to enable continuous analysis with a high level of accuracy that manual operation cannot achieve. In addition, the active flow controller with a built-in central processing unit supports constant linear velocity, constant flow rate, and constant pressure control of carrier gas, respectively, to achieve outstanding analytical reproducibility with ultra-high speed and ultra-precise control.

In addition to the compact design, the Brevis GC-2050 system offers a choice of sample introduction units and detectors, allowing the use of commercial columns. Moreover, users can select power specifications from 100 V 15 A to 230 V, allowing flexibility in adapting environment.

The eco-design of the Brevis GC-2050 system includes high-performance insulating materials and a smaller oven to reduce the thermal capacity and thoroughly eliminate heat loss to reduce power consumption. To minimize helium use, the carrier gas save mode in the split/splitless sample introduction method can reduce the amount of carrier gas released from the split flow path to outside the GC system after sample transfer to the column for analysis. Operators can achieve further gas savings by using the optional gas selector to automatically switch the gas from helium to an alternative gas such as H2 or N2, except during analysis.

An optional built-in hydrogen sensor detects potential leaks early and keeps the system in a safe standby mode. If a hydrogen leak occurs, the system turns off the main power and prevents accidents. The main unit also has an automatic carrier gas leak check function to support hydrogen carrier gas use. The optional gas selector allows the carrier gas to be switched to nitrogen gas after the analysis is complete, further enhancing safety.

The Brevis GC-2050 system supports Analytical Intelligence functions inherited from Shimadzu’s GC -2030 system, such as automatic column conditioning, ClickTek™ technologies that simplify the process of replacing consumables and remote display functions to operate the system from a distance. 

LabSolutions Direct, a standard feature of the LabSolutions software platform, enables users to monitor instrument status and chromatographic signals, start and stop the instrument, and begin analysis from a web browser on a PC or smart device at a remote office or home.