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High Power Photoreactor Enables Routine Mg to Kg Scale-up

Photocatalytic hydroaminoalkylation of styrenes with unprotected primary alkylamines

This peer reviewed paper describes development of a new photocatalytic Hydroaminoalkylation (HAA) of styrene’s with unprotected primary alkylamines protocol that provides direct access to γ-arylamines, including valuable α-tertiary derivatives. Aliphatic amines and (semi)saturated azacycles are highly desired motifs in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, biological probes, and other functional molecules and the development of more efficient methods for their synthesis is a research priority. 

Executed under mild conditions, this novel protocol that tolerates a wide variety of functional groups, is shown to be readily scalable in flow using a PhotoSyn™ High Power LED Photoreactor. The PhotoSyn™ is a high-power LED module for continuous flow chemistry systems proven to enable synthetic chemists to routinely scale-up their photochemistry reactions from milligrams to several kilograms per day.

Download this paper now to learn more about the PhotoSyn™ High Power LED Photoreactor.

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