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High Quality Products + Lower Lifetime Costs = Eppendorf OEM

This calculation works with Eppendorf OEM as a reliable partner for high-quality, custom solutions

by Eppendorf
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Instrument and consumables design changes, even very minor ones, can have a big impact on the success of numerous applications in diagnostics and life science research. In some cases, an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) custom solution can overcome the limitations of existing designs and make new assays and analyses possible. Custom designed pipette tips, tubes, and plates may be created to reduce liquid retention, improve cell attachment, and offer greater durability compared to existing products. Finding a reliable OEM partner to develop and manufacture these custom solutions is essential to ensure stability, create a longterm partnership, and ultimately reduce the total cost of ownership. Eppendorf OEM’s experienced, interdisciplinary team of experts can develop custom solutions for many applications. With robust infrastructure, including manufacturing facilities in Germany and the United States, Eppendorf OEM delivers high-quality custom products and offers full product control and lifecycle management to create significant cost savings.

Full Product Control and Lifecycle Management Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership

Eppendorf OEM partners with numerous companies, both in research and diagnostics, to develop custom products, including consumables for a variety of assay kits and automated liquid handling robotics. Eppendorf has a history of productive and vibrant OEM relationships (the longest spanning more than 20 years). As part of their commitment to maintaining long-standing partnerships, Eppendorf makes privacy a top priority, protecting the identity of all companies with whom they form working partnerships.

One of the single most important aspects of an OEM product is having direct control over the product. It is important, for example, to notify partners early in the process regarding any manufacturing changes such as electrical standards, components, or raw material availability. Not only do these product change notifications help to further reduce the total cost of ownership, they are also critical for companies working in diagnostics, as they require sufficient time to develop testing and validation procedures. This also provides these customers an opportunity to submit any changes to the appropriate regulatory agency (including the FDA and CAP, among others) for approval, to ensure products adhere to specific requirements. With advanced notice of manufacturing changes including components and materials, partners are also better able to plan and schedule production to meet demand. The intricate planning is easily translated into additional cost savings both through production volume and better world-wide logistics.

Fully automated, high-quality production of custom plates and tips.

In diagnostics, a product’s lifespan can extend to 10 to 15 years or more. With any diagnostic product, costs can increase over time due to age and competitive pressures. The lifecycle management team of Eppendorf committed to maintain a high level of involvement from design to eventual phase out. A product’s full lifetime costs include not only production, but design, maintenance, quality, and lifecycle (both on-market and post-market). With this understanding, Eppendorf supports each of their partners maintaining the lowest total cost of ownership for the lifetime of their product. 

A product’s lifetime cost is also largely determined by its quality. A poorly manufactured product has a short lifespan and is prone to failure, necessitating frequent replacement and increasing the cost of ownership. Eppendorf adheres to superior production standards across all manufacturing facilities, and is committed to delivering high-quality products with a long lifespan to eliminate the added costs of replacement. 

Prioritizing Quality and Accountability

Designing customized plates, pipette tips, tubes, and even pipetting workstations for life science research or instruments used by customers in diagnostic applications requires a knowledgeable team with years of experience in the research and development of laboratory instrumentation and consumables. Eppendorf OEM has an experienced and interdisciplinary development team, as well as the necessary infrastructure to support testing and production. 

Eppendorf OEM also adheres to high production standards including ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. The combination of premium quality control standards, state-of-the-art production technology, high purity and precision, and both mechanical and manual testing ensures high-quality products. Eppendorf also takes accountability a step further by producing their own molds and manufacturing all products in their own semi- and fully automated production facilities with environmentally controlled cleanrooms, where necessary in the United States and Germany. Further, with multiple central distribution centers customers can rest assured their product will be delivered in time worldwide. 

A reliable OEM partner is essential to ensure high quality products and reduce the total cost of ownership. Eppendorf OEM offers full product control and lifecycle management, which enables customers to reduce the risks associated with changing materials, and schedule production for planned demand. Eppendorf OEM is also committed to manufacturing high-quality products with a long lifespan which further reduces the cost of ownership. As a trusted brand with a history of vibrant, long-standing partnerships, Eppendorf OEM delivers the reliability for outstanding custom solutions.

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