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Optimize Reaction Conditions with a Compact, High-Throughput Flow Reactor System

A versatile flow reactor system for reaction optimization and scale-up 

Before scaling up synthetic production, optimizing reaction conditions is critical 

Flow chemistry requires only small amounts of material, can achieve reaction conditions that aren’t possible with batch reactions, and offers greater control and reproducibility of reactions. The FlowSyn Maxi™ is a high-throughput flow reactor for process chemists that enables reaction optimization and production scale synthesis with a few simple adjustments. 

Benefits of a compact high-throughput flow reactor system: 

  • Optimized flow chemistry reaction
  • Greater capacity for scale-up and high-throughput reactions 
  • Ensure critical parameters remain within defined limits
  • Carry out superheated reactions up to +260°C (1400 psi) and cooled reactions down to -70°C
Thumbnail image of FlowSyn Application Note

This application note demonstrates the scale-up abilities of the FlowSyn Maxi™ for the first step in the 100g scale synthesis of a novel antibiotic compound. Explore how the above benefits make it one of the most versatile process scale flow reactors available. 

Download the free application note today, courtesy of Uniqsis.

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