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HotBlock® - Multiple functions add versatility and improve economy

In today's economy laboratories are asking their employees to do more with less, requiring more of both their employees and their equipment.  One way analysts are stepping up is looking for instrumentation that is adaptable for multiple purposes.

by Environmental Express

The original Hot Block is the workhorse of the Metals Lab.

Laboratories have been using the Environmental Express® HotBlock for metals digestions since 1997.  The HotBlock continues to provide a better alternative to classical hot plate digestions due to its superior acid-resistant construction and even heat distribution.  Over the years, the HotBlock product line has expanded to include several block sizes and a complete line of disposable consumables.

Acid-resistant construction and low-metals disposable consumables reduce the potential for sample contamination and provide consistent, reliable results.

The SimpleDist® Distillation System utilizes a vacuum manifold over a 50mL HotBlock

The easy-to-use SimpleDist complies with U.S. EPA and Standard Methods methodology.  The SimpleDist is the optimal system for performing distillations in your Wet Chemistry lab.  The unique desin eliminates most of the fragile glassware used in other distillation systems, improving safety and eliminating labor associated with maintenance and cleanup.  The SimpleDist System utilizes disposable polystyrene collection traps and does not require the use of a chiller or water lines.

Disposable collection traps contain a hydrophobic porous frit and a built in vent tube that makes pouring the final solution easy and safe.

The Soil-Cell™ System for the Extraction of Semi-volatile compounds utilizes a 100mL HotBlock.

Environmental Express has also developed the Soil-Cell™ which is used with the 100mL HotBlock.  The Soil-Cell is a stainless steel cell designed for the extraction of semi-volatile compounds from solid matrices.  The Soil-Cell System allows for the extraction of up to 25 or 35 samples at once and follows the SW846 Method 3546 procedure.  The sample and 30mL of solvent are placed into each individial Soil-Cell and then capped.  After 30 minutes at 130°C the extraction is complete.  Solvent is then decanted and concentrated for analysis.

Versatility is Key.

While dedicating one workstation to each task is ideal, the option to perform multiple analyses on the same day from the same piece of equipment can be very helpful to laboratories tasked with optimizing their equipment budgets.  Instrumentation duality is also essential should a dedicated system suffer downtime.

Our goal at Environmental Express is to provide versatile equipment with increased functionality in an effort to streamline analytical processes.  We continue to look for unique applications for our products in mulitple areas of the lab. 
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