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How Equipment Vendors Can Help Address the Carbon Impact of Biotech and Pharma

Stepping up the efficiency of product development, manufacturing, and support services

Damon Anderson, PhD

Damon Anderson, PhD, is the technology editor at He can be reached at

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At the end of 2023, the non-profit climate impact organization My Green Lab released its latest version of the report, “The Carbon Impact of Biotech and Pharma: Collective Action Accelerating Progress to the UN Race to Zero.” The report focuses on the three types of emissions generated by the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, pointing to group 3 emissions as the most significant contributor to total climate change emissions. Group 3 includes upstream purchasing activities and services—the domain of instrument and service providers, among others. 

What does this mean for these industry sectors as a whole? Product developers and manufacturers must continue to make positive gains toward responsible materials and practices to help biotech and pharma companies in turn achieve their climate change objectives.

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