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How Robotic Automation and Machine Vision Can Improve Your Lab’s Throughput, Accuracy, and Traceability

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss overcoming the challenges of worker errors and improving sample tracking and data collection

How it Works Webinar

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Whether you operate in a clinical, analytical, or forensic laboratory, throughput, accuracy, and traceability are top concerns, but these priorities often compete with one another. This webinar will explain how robotic automation and machine vision can help laboratories overcome the challenges of worker errors and variability by standardizing work and improving sample tracking and data collection. Attendees will learn how to evaluate their current situation and decide if automation makes sense, determine which processes are the most suitable for automation, and choose a partner that can help them successfully implement a system that meets their specific goals and requirements.


Danielle Collins
Robots Product Manager

Michael Golway
President & CEO
ASI Life Sciences