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How Running Modern Laboratories with a LIS Works

For a modern clinical laboratory to remain competitive, adopting a laboratory information system (LIS) has become an economic necessity.

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Problem: Today’s laboratories face many challenges in their day-to-day operations. Staffing shortages, increasing turnaround times, time-intensive certification audits, insufficient sample monitoring methods, and inaccurate billing all must be managed while staying fully compliant with CLIA and HIPAA regulations. For a modern clinical laboratory to remain competitive, adopting a laboratory information system (LIS) has become an economic necessity.

Effective software management of this kind is essential for meeting regulatory guidelines, providing timely and accurate test results and test result interpretation to physicians, and thriving in the clinical testing market while avoiding potential negative audit findings. Identifying your laboratory’s needs and challenges will help you in determining which laboratory information system (LIS) fits your specific requirements.

To get started, consider whether you or anyone in your laboratory has said: “I can’t track the progress of my samples through various tests in the lab. Are all of the tests completed?” “Entering billing data and sending faxes is taking too much time away from lab work.” “Where is the final test result report? Did we ever send it to the client?” Or, “Who performed quality checks on this instrument and when?”

Solution: LimitLIS® is one example of a modern, automated, and cloud-based laboratory information system designed to manage samples and test orders, track samples and test results in the lab, publish results and reports to the laboratory’s clients in their preferred formats; and integrate directly with analyzers, EHR providers, billing providers, and reference laboratories. LimitLIS® centralizes all of the user’s laboratory data and operations information and consolidates it in a single solution. Perhaps most importantly, this LIS is using its modern software architecture to offer a streamlined, pleasant lab user experience and professional appearance to lab customers accessing its inbuilt Client Portal features. RURO designed LimitLIS® to address and resolve a multitude of issues impacting the lab’s daily laboratory operations.

How can a LIS such as LimitLIS® add value to the laboratory’s business?

  • Keep valued clients and grow the user’s client base by achieving faster turnaround times
  • Improve quality through enhanced data accuracy
  • Increase efficiency by centralizing information and tools in a single software package
  • Reduce staffing costs with automated billing, EHR integration, and notifications

LimitLIS® is a cloud-based solution that will grow with the laboratory and can be accessed anywhere and on any device by the lab’s staff and clients. In addition to the benefits listed above, this LIS offers the laboratory a variety of cutting edge features including: client/patient portal, laboratory dashboard, paperless e-requisitions, sample tracking and storage, integration, report delivery, and much more.

For more information, please contact RURO at 1-888-881-RURO or visit their product website at

RURO also provides free webinars for LimitLIS®. To sign up, please visit or contact a RURO representative at .