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How Sample Management in the Cloud Works

Problem: With non-automated sample management systems, searching and sharing information within and without the lab is slow and tedious.

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FreezerPro® Cloud allows lab personnel to manage sample information and activity whenever, wherever, and without any need for local IT staff or infrastructure.

Labs also cannot easily manage their data and samples remotely without cloudbased sample management software.

Solution: FreezerPro® is one example of a sample management system that is user-friendly, tested to uphold rigorous security standards, and allows sample information to be retrieved and reviewed quickly, in contrast to laborintensive, non-automated search methods. The latest version, FreezerPro® Cloud, allows lab personnel to manage sample information and activity whenever, wherever, and without any need for local IT staff or infrastructure.

By utilizing cloud-based data management systems, researchers are able to more easily create networks for sharing sample and associated study information. The opportunity for remote management and sharing of sample and study information is not only essential for effective communication among collaborators but also ensures centralized inventory accessibility and reduces data entry errors. Moreover, owners of large sample collections are afforded a highly secure review of their inventory from any remote location with Internet access. FreezerPro Cloud has also been translated into 12 languages and is available at local hosting centers across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australasia.

In particular, FreezerPro Cloud does not require installation, allowing local IT resources to be focused elsewhere. The system is easy to use from the start with a simple online sign-up process; a user’s account will be available for use within 12 hours. All cross-region servers are directly managed and guaranteed by RURO to be online and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To guarantee online security and data protection, software such as FreezerPro Cloud encrypts its data both in transit and at rest. Data visibility is denied in the event of unauthorized access, whether the data are in use, in transit, at rest, or archived. The software further guarantees protection with 1028-bit encryption, a secure socket layer, and operating system level vulnerability monitoring. Organizations following FDA, Good Laboratory and Good Manufacturing Procedures (cGLP/cGMP), HIPAA, or other accessibility or regulatory guidelines will be fully supported by FreezerPro Cloud security, including permissions modeling and complete audit train records. Customers may also opt for a Private Cloud to further ensure data security.

Cloud-based software such as FreezerPro Cloud retains the features, displays, and feel of previous non-cloud versions. Samples are still identified with a barcode, positioned in specific boxes and racks, and linked to any user-defined data fields. Now with the cloud version, users at separate locations involved in a single master workflow can access sample management information in real time and can share and optionally control data entry. These features provide the ability to better control nomenclature and data integrity with improved visibility. FreezerPro Cloud offers a free downloadable Microsoft Excel Add-In tool to facilitate data migration and guarantees the integrity of an ongoing information transfer. The migration of data from spreadsheet to the software is fast and will preserve your data content.

Cloud-based sample management software such as FreezerPro Cloud is often available in different editions to best fit the user’s budgets. Modules and extensions are also available to further optimize the user’s data management solution, and technical support is also available by phone, mail, or online.

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