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How The Right Filter Can Save Your Lab Time and Money

 Why careful membrane and media selection is a crucial step in the dissolution testing workflow

Filtering out inefficiencies in dissolution testing

In the grand scheme of dissolution testing, filtration may seem a small step along the way, but this perception could not be further from the truth. The right choice of membrane filters can drive efficiencies right along the process, from extending high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) column life and cutting instrument maintenance costs to reducing time-consuming retests, all while giving laboratories confidence in the quality of their results.

This resource explores:

  • The benefits of choosing the right filter (including reduced instrument maintenance costs, fewer time-consuming retests, and more)
  • How the right filter can ensure good sample preparation and sample integrity
  • How to choose the right filter or membrane media for your workflow

In today’s increasingly expanding pharmaceutical environment, can your organization really afford not to take a closer look at filtration?

Download the free resource now to learn more about how to choose the right filter, courtesy of Cytiva. 

With the right filter in dissolution testing, you can cut instrument maintenance costs, reduce time-consuming retests, and gain confidence in your results.

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