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How to Accelerate AOAC Thermogravimetric Moisture Determination of Food Products

Improving precision, analysis speed, and workflow efficiency with automated thermogravimetric moisture instrument and new techniques

In this webinar, Lloyd Allen presents a data-driven review of automated loss on drying (LOD) procedures for meat and semi-solid food products following the requirements presented in AOAC Official Method 983.18. Tips and comparisons of multiple techniques to enhance analysis time while retaining accuracy are covered as well.

The demonstration reviews how automation of the testing equipment, such as the TGM800 automated thermogravimetric moisture instrument, can enable batch analysis of up to 16 samples for improved efficiency while meeting sample mass, oven temperature, and air flow requirements outlined by AOAC official methods. Technique modifications can reduce analysis time by more than 75 percent in high-sugar semi-solid food samples, combating doming effects, and by more than half for meat samples (chicken, fish, and beef). 

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