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Maximize Efficiency and Accuracy in High-Throughput Flow Cytometry

Explore innovative strategies for integrating automation, improving data management, and upholding sample integrity

High-throughput flow cytometry is crucial in drug discovery, therapeutic development, and biomarker identification, demanding speed, automation, reliability, and flexibility to process thousands of samples throughout the development process. However, labs frequently encounter technological and analytical challenges that hinder the practical applications of these discovery workflows.

A primary obstacle during high-speed acquisition is managing the sheer volume of data generated. Most software is underpowered, lacking the necessary level of automation and scalability, which leads to prolonged processing and analysis times. These systems also require frequent user intervention and cannot be integrated with robotics and LIMS, further limiting scale-up and automation. This collectively slows down research progress and hampers discovery. 

Researchers must often choose between speed and sample carryover during high-throughput sample handling. Reducing carryover is essential for upholding sample integrity and enhancing the reproducibility and accuracy of scientific outcomes. Reproducibility is also threatened during long high-throughput runs due to reduced cell viability. 

Understanding the intricacies of high throughput screening workflows and implementing advanced solutions to manage data, integrate automation, and minimize sample carryover can greatly improve efficiency and throughput. 

To support your efforts in optimizing high-throughput flow cytometry, this comprehensive infographic offers detailed insights and practical solutions to help you achieve rapid and reliable results. 

Download this infographic to discover: 

  • Solutions for integrating automation in high-throughput flow cytometry
  • Strategies for effective data management in high-throughput screening
  • Techniques to minimize sample carryover and maintain cell viability
  • Best practices for enhancing efficiency and accuracy
How to Maximize Your Screening Speed and Throughput

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