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IDT and 3CR Pool Expertise to Provide a Custom Genotyping Solution for Low- to High-Throughput Screening

New high-performance, cost-effective PACE SNP assays will lower the cost and improve the reliability of SNP or indel screening

by Integrated DNA Technologies
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CORALVILLE, IA (July 2, 2019) – In the latest collaboration in a series to advocate for genomics research, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is teaming up with 3CR Bioscience (3CR) to widen access to quality custom solutions for genotyping screening. The partnership fuses IDT’s industry-leading oligo synthesis with 3CR’s PACE™ Genotyping Master Mix and expertise in designing assays. Researchers will be able to work with a combined technical service team to design and order custom PACE SNP assays. The service will speed up and reduce the cost of high-volume genotyping, particularly useful for those working in the agricultural biotech sector. 

IDT and 3CR pool expertise to provide a custom genotyping solution for low- to high-throughput screeningCredit: IDT & 3CRThe new PACE SNP assays join IDT’s innovative rhAmpSNP and rhAmpSeq™ technologies, enabling the company to provide a complete genotyping solution for any requirement. IDT’s rhAmp™ PCR technology is popular for its accuracy and sensitivity, which is great for identifying, validating, and performing small screens on genetic markers. Now, PACE technology provides a cost-effective, high performance solution for scaling projects from low- to high-throughput screens, great for PCR-based SNP or indel genotyping. 

For each PACE SNP assay, a technical service team made up of experts from both IDT and 3CR will work together to design the sequences for industry-leading IDT individually-synthesized oligos. Together, this will ensure the best possible assay design and manufacture for individual experiments. As well as improving reliability, the new service will lower the cost-per-sample compared to existing alternatives on the market. 

Ben Viering, IDT vice president of business development commented, “IDT is excited to work with 3CR to help provide a complete genotyping solution. This is the latest in a series of partnerships, which we believe are a vital part of our mission to help make researchers lives easier. Our joint efforts provide a system that combines the superior performance of the 3CR master mix with high quality oligonucleotides from IDT. The combination provides a genotyping solution that is robust, highly sensitive, and economical.” 

Agricultural biologists are set to particularly benefit from the partnership. The new service from IDT and 3CR is ideal for the high-volume genotyping screening that is often required for plant breeding experiments. The free PACE SNP assay design, from a technical team with over 40 years of experience in this area, will simplify the workflow, while generating more reliable data and at a lower cost. 

Steve Asquith, managing director at 3CR Biosciences added, “We look forward to partnering with IDT to help serve the genotyping needs of scientists. Our high-performance PACE master mix, based on a proprietary polymerase technology, pairs well with IDT’s industry-leading quality oligo synthesis to provide a reliable genotyping solution. Combining IDT’s ability to synthesize oligos over a wide range of scales with our PACE master mix, which is suitable for all reaction volumes, allows customers to grow their projects from low- to high-throughput screening both easily and economically.” 

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