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IDT Raises the Bar for PCR-Based Genotyping with Novel rhAmp™ SNP Solution

Innovative method delivers simple, accurate and cost-effective SNP analysis

by Integrated DNA Technologies
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CORALVILLE, IA (June 15, 2017) – Reflecting its mission to provide innovative solutions to the genomics community, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) introduces its unique rhAmp™ SNP Genotyping System, enabling researchers to make accurate and confident SNP calls both quickly and cost-effectively. rhAmp technology uses a unique RNase H2/DNA polymerase two-enzyme system coupled with RNA-DNA hybrid primers to eliminate non-specific amplification and primer dimer formation, which are challenges for other genotyping chemistries. The rhAmp SNP chemistry matches the current market leader for accuracy (greater than 99.5% call accuracy in over 90% of assays), and has the added benefit of providing simple, fast, and affordable genotyping results, with assays shipped in less than seven business days. 

 rhAmp™ SNP Genotyping System

Saving time and simplifying the workflow, rhAmp SNP features an easy-to-use, single-tube assay setup that is easily automated and designed to work on all leading commercially available qPCR platforms. IDT goes one step further with its rhAmp SNP portfolio to provide researchers with a comprehensive solution comprising all the components needed to generate high quality genotyping data. This includes the largest commercially available predesigned assay collection (including ADME-specific assays) covering more than 10 million human SNPs, an optimized master mix, a universal reporter system, and the option to include gBlocks® Gene Fragments as synthetic control templates. Custom assay design is also available for proprietary and non-human SNP designs. Moreover, IDT’s rhAmp Genotyping Design Tool is able to deliver designs in difficult sequence regions, as this innovative technology can accommodate very short amplicons (as small as 40 bp). 

The rhAmp SNP portfolio includes a range of product sizes and formats to cost effectively address projects of all sizes. These include an extra-small size assay (100 reactions) to enable affordable SNP biomarker validation studies, up to the large size assay (6000 reactions) to facilitate cost effective screening studies for large sample cohorts. 

IDT CEO Dr. Joseph A. Walder commented, “We are very excited to release our first comprehensive product line based on RNase H2 chemistry. The added specificity provided by RNase H2 mediated primer cleavage, combined with the suppression of primer dimer formation, make RNase H2-dependent PCR technology very useful in a broad array of PCR applications." 

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