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Improved Stability Testing of Emulsions, Dispersions with MultiScan MS20

Using the new instrument, stability and aging characteristics of emulsions and dispersions can be performed automatically

by DataPhysics
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MultiScan MS20

Emulsions and dispersions like paints and coatings, inks, emulsifiers, personal care products, and even foods like milk are heterogeneous, colloidal systems requiring analysis over time for their temperature-dependent optical stability and aging behavior. Using the new MultiScan MS20 from DataPhysics Instruments (Charlotte, NC), stability and aging characteristics of emulsions & dispersions can be performed automatically and operator-independently from +4°C to +80°C. By measuring light-energy transmission through the samples and also the sample’s backscattering rate using an NIR-emitting LED source, behaviors such as sedimentation and creaming, speed of the creaming process as well as the position-dependent change of particles and drop sizes of multi-phase systems can be easily and accurately monitored.

The modular MS20 allows for connection and simultaneous analysis from one to as many as six samples via independent, temperature-controlled sample scanning towers.  Additionally, a special barcode-reading system plus the user-friendly software guarantees the seamless documentation of each individual measurement, evaluation and error analysis, as well as the graphical presentation and the export of results.

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The new MS20 ensures fast and precise analysis of the stability and aging behavior for a wide range of emulsions and dispersions and is a valuable tool for their research, development and quality assurance.

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