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Improving Your Lab’s Energy Efficiency Has Never Been So Easy

The redesigned Protector Echo and Airo fume hoods combine the fully-featured, patented containment-enhancing design of Labconco’s high performance fume hoods with Erlab’s improved GreenFumeHood (GFH) filtration technology.

Improving Your Lab’s Energy Efficiency Has Never Been So Easy

Through the use of enhanced Neutrodine Unisorb Filters, the Echo efficiently filters more than 700 chemicals. This combination of performance and efficiency makes the Echo and the Airo a great addition to any lab space.

by Labconco

Flexibility With the Wide Range of Products

Labconco’s Echo and Airo filtered fume hoods allow for applications of all different sizes. The Echo fume hood is a full-sized benchtop fume hood to fit most applications. The Airo offers a solution for customers with either limited height in their lab or with a limited footprint available for a fume hood. The Echo Floor Mount is one of a kind which is big enough to fit all kinds of large equipment that may need containment.

Smart Control Command Module

The new Smart Control Command Module by Erlab gives a new dimension to remote fume hood monitoring to the Echo and Airo fume hoods. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allow the pairing with the eGuard2 app for simple and easy monitoring. Ethernet connectivity is also available to hard connect to a laptop computer. Features able to be monitored through this app include filter status, temperature, humidity, and fan status among many others.

Increased Chemical Compatibility

With the improved Erlab filtration technology, comes an expanded chemical compatibility allowing these hoods to be used with over 700 types of chemicals. The increased compatibility also attributes to the expanded filtration capacity, allowing these filters to be used over a longer period of time.

Consistent Features and Accessories

The Echo and Airo fume hoods offer many of the same safety features of the Labconco Protector ducted fume hoods that set them apart. This includes the Eco-Foil air foil and the Clean-Sweep sash handle and tracks. These have long been integral components to the superior containment of Protector hoods. These hoods also have the ability to incorporate many service fixtures and electrical duplexes that have become a staple in laboratory settings.
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