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Increasing Staff Engagement through Ownership

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss the process and benefits of ownership in the lab

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It takes many different roles to successfully deliver all of the outcomes expected of the lab. Those roles are often delivered by a wide range of the lab staff. To improve the function of these many roles, it can be very beneficial to the lab to extend role responsibility to ownership. Being able to own some aspect of the lab’s function provides many benefits to the staff, including some degree of autonomy, the opportunity to master the subject, and a clear attachment to a purpose aligned with the lab’s mission. These three elements have been recognized by Daniel H. Pink as the key aspects of intrinsic motivation. Having some control over the day’s activities helps people feel more empowered and less likely to be plagued by micromanagement. Owning an activity provides the need to learn more about it and a motivation to develop expert-level skills in that space. Having a clear purpose helps boost engagement and support of the outcomes delivered by the lab.

It is a good practice to find something for everyone on staff to own. There is a wide diversity of roles that are required. Lab managers can identify ownership opportunities for every role within the lab, no matter how junior. This shares the benefits of ownership with everyone on staff.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • The benefits of ownership
  • Identifying ownership opportunities
  • Extending ownership to everyone
  • Developing staff to improve ownership
  • Understanding that accountability cannot be delegated


Scott Hanton
Editorial Director
Lab Manager

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