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Industrial Collaboration Delivers Highly Versatile Photoreactor

Industrial Collaboration Delivers Highly Versatile Photoreactor

Versatile photochemical reactor for optimized batch and flow chemistry

by Uniqsis

This white paper, courtesy of Uniqsis, describes an academic / industrial collaboration that has led to the development of a versatile new photoreactor for high-throughput screening, preparative-scale batch, reactions and continuous processing, all with a single light source.

The Photochemistry LED Illuminator uses interchangeable arrays of pseudo-monochromatic high-power LEDs in a range of synthetically useful wavelengths, combined with excellent temperature control. This offers the user the functionality to run reaction screening and optimization experiments with the multi wavelength cassette and the opportunity to run batch scale-up synthesis using the optimum wavelength monochromatic cassette.

Download the white paper to learn how the performance of this modular photoreactor addresses shortfalls in existing photochemistry technology, courtesy of Uniqsis.