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Industry's Safety Ultra-Low Freezer, the TwinCore™: Making DInosaurs Extinct

Designed by YOU...for YOU!  We at Z-SC1 Biomedical pride ourselves on being a different kind of company, one that has adapted to the 21st century and its rapidly changing and evolving technology.

by Z-sc1 Biomedical

We LISTEN to what we hear from lab managers and researchers such as yourselves.  For ultralow (-80C°) temperature storage, what we have heard is that SAFETY matters above and beyond all else.  So we made the safest ULT on the market, the TwinCore™.  But we also hear performance and convenience are important. So Z-SC1 has responded quickly to design and manufacture equipment like no one else, as YOU demand.  It is time for the TwinCore™ asteroid to end the reign of the Dinosaurian ULT.

Safety design-  We heard:  “By far our biggest concern is sample safety, and by far the most common safety concern for ultralow freezers is compressor failure. On a standard 2-stage compressor system, what we like to call “sclerotic Dinosaurian technology”, if either compressor fails the whole freezer rapidly warms and threatens your precious sample integrity.  We replied:  Z-SC1 will design two completely independent refrigeration systems, EACH with a compressor that can maintain -82C in the rare event of a failure of one system.  Your samples now have a redundant backup freezer within a freezer.  But even that revolutionary design was not enough for us to feel REALLY SAFE, so we also designed a free of charge monitoring system. The WiZBox™ monitors 26 different parameters of your ULT's health and can PREDICT failure months before it would occur.  Lastly, even in an emergency loss of power, the TwinCore™ takes 11.5 hours to climb from -80C° to -20C°, giving you ample time to respond. 

Performance design-  We heard: “Our old, last century freezers are too loud, they take too long to recover temperature, they use too much energy.  I feel like Fred Flintstone as I use my sharpened stone to scrape ice from my inner doors.”  We replied:  The TwinCore™ runs at 47dBa, as quiet as the low hum of your household refrigerator.  The TwinCore™ pulls down from +25° to -80° in 3h 15m!  So when you want to hold all 4 interior doors open for 2m on an empty freezer, the TwinCore™ recovers to -80° in a blistering 46m, more than 3x faster than the Freezasaurs Ex of Dinosaurian technology. Z-SC1 accomplishes these feats of standing up to the thunder lizards with the spear of technology while lowering energy consumption to 12kWh/day, 40% less than the industry average in Jurassic Park. Z-SC1 patented an interlocking gasket designed to allow zero ambient air through, when the doors are closed.  The bit of water vapor trapped inside while working will be melted off by a heated inner door seal, so these doors stay virtually ice-free.  No stone scraping needed!

Safety, performance designed for the needs of an evolving industry.  So time travel with us from the Paleozoic Era to the 21st century with the safest ULT on the market, TwinCore™! 
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