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Digital Event: Innovating the Future Digital Summit

Lab Manager Innovating the Future Summit
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Innovating the Future Digital Summit

Accommodating Tomorrow's Lab Technology


December 11-12, 2024
From 11:00 AM EST

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As science and technology continue their advance, laboratories must evolve to stay current. To prevent time-consuming and expensive delays and overhauls, successful lab managers maintain a flexible lab that easily accommodates changes in equipment, process, and procedures. To keep up with the most recent standards and practices, lab workers must receive the required training and development. How can lab managers maintain a secure, creative, and productive working environment while also providing space for unidentified brand-new services and equipment?

On December 11-12, Lab Manager will hold its Innovating the Future Digital Summit, at which business leaders will discuss the most recent advancements in lab technology, automation, and services as well as what lies ahead in the immediate and long term. Register for this free event, which will provide you with knowledge and practical experience to help you create a lab that is optimized and future-proof. Following each presentation, audience members will be given the opportunity to ask the speakers questions in order to get guidance on their individual labs and circumstances.