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Innovation, Flexibility and Convenience with the NEW Thermo Scientific Barnstead GenPure xCAD Water Purification System

The Thermo Scientific Barnstead water purification portfolio includes a complete line of Type 1 systems to meet all of your ultrapure water needs.

by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo ScientificThe Thermo Scientific Barnstead water purification portfolio includes a complete line of Type 1 systems to meet all of your ultrapure water needs. At the forefront of this portfolio is the NEW Thermo Scientific Barnstead GenPure xCAD water purification system. Discover how this innovative system can help you make ultrapure water for your lab, with flexibility and convenience. The Barnstead GenPure xCAD system can make up to 200L/day of Type 1 ultrapure water from a pretreated feed water supply, such as a house DI or RO system, and can meet the needs of a wide range of applications that require Type 1 water, such as HPLC, RNA/DNA sequencing, cell culture or electrophoresis.

The GenPure xCAD system offers unique features that make the production of ultrapure water easy. First and foremost, the xCAD remote dispenser offers full control at the hands of the user rather than at the actual unit. All functionality, dispensing modes, and error codes are controlled on the compact 10” x 12” dispenser. The only time you need to access the box is when it is time to change consumables.

GenPure xCADAdvanced UV intensity monitoring technology ensures total organic carbon (TOC) measurement accuracy to increase reliability and maximize laboratory efficiency. Because the UV lamp is what oxidizes the organics, it is critical that the UV lamp is always working at maximum wavelength output. As UV wavelength degrades over time, oxidation of TOCs can be reduced. The unique UV intensity monitor provides you with a read out of the strength of the UV lamp to ensure you are always getting maximum oxidation.

The system comes standard with an integrated feed water monitor, which protects and maximizes the life of your cartridges and filters by alerting you when a drop in feed water quality occurs.

The GenPure xCAD system can be mounted in numerous configurations: on the wall, on the bench or under the bench -- up to 9 feet away from the xCAD remote dispenser. The remote dispenser can also be mounted on the bench or on the wall. With this improved mounting flexibility, you can remove the need for bench space for a water system, providing more space to do your science. The xCAD remote dispenser also has an adjustable angle display and swivel arm with extendable handle to increase visibility and working range.

Convenience is ideal when you are maximizing your work output. The remote dispenser can be set to dispense to a pre-programmed volume of water, creating hands-free operation and preventing over-filling of vessels.

Additionally, changing cartridges is easy with the aqua-stop quick connections, which eliminate the need to shut down or depressurize the system. Simply remove the old cartridge and insert the new cartridge. The aqua-stop connections prevent air from entering the system and water from exiting the system.

GenPure xCADFinally, one part number allows for easy ordering. You receive all of the consumables you need the first time, so the unit is ready for installation and use when it arrives.

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