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INTEGRA MINI 96—Portable, precise, and affordable pipetting of 96 and 384 well plates

The INTEGRA MINI 96 is an ultra-compact, lightweight, and portable 96 channel pipette, offering high throughout and reproducibility for virtually any microplate-based liquid handling tasks around your lab.

INTEGRA Mini 96 Liquid Handling System

The MINI 96 can transform the productivity of your workflow. Discover the most affordable 96 channel pipette on the market.


Lightweight and portable design

The built-in carry handle, makes it easy to move anywhere in the lab, including inside laminar flow cabinets. The pipette’s small size makes it easy to have two instruments side-by-side to perform different steps in the same workflow.

Touch wheel-controlled graphical interface

Large, easy-to-use touch wheel-controlled graphical interface offers a selection of predefined pipetting tasks, or allows users to develop custom workflows. On-screen tutorials for new users mean no special training is required.

Developed to meet various dispensing needs

From repeat dispensing and mixing to reservoir-to-plate or plate-to-plate transfers in 96 or 384 well formats. An optional two-position stage and removable second stage provide flexibility in your workflows.

Motor-assisted operation

Ensures precise electronic tip loading and ejection, mixing, and dispensing. Every channel is positioned at the same height and angle, and dispenses at the same rate, providing high precision and reproducibility.

Range of volumes

Available in four volume ranges to offer 0.5 to 1250 µl pipetting.