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Introducing eCommerce Lite Edition of Lab Design Tool

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At the core of the new launch is Lab Design Tool’s mission to empower the scientists working on today’s most pressing medical challenges to get to science faster.

by Kaon Interactive, Inc
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Boston, MA, — Lab Design Tool, a leading platform for innovative 3D laboratory planning, design, and optimization solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest product, an eCommerce lite edition of their award-winning enterprise solution. This product is specifically tailored to individuals at smaller-sized companies looking to address today’s critical challenges around planning, managing, and optimizing agile laboratory spaces. 

At the core of the new launch is Lab Design Tool’s mission to empower the scientists working on today’s most pressing medical challenges to get to science faster. 

"We are excited to welcome a rapidly growing segment of the market to our Lab Design Tool," said David Gould, senior product manager of the Lab Design Tool. "We understand the challenges faced by professionals in smaller-sized companies and have developed a solution that empowers them to be agile and iterate rapidly with confidence. We aim to simplify the lab design and optimization process, saving time and resources while ensuring happy scientists and faster time to science."

Lab Design Tool is predominantly utilized by the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic, and life science giants to streamline communication and accelerate the planning and optimization process for time and budget efficiencies—enabling them to get to science faster. 

The tool offers an easy-to-design, interactive, and collaborative 3D digital twin of your laboratory layout and workflows. Lab Design Tool users quickly visualize and easily design, plan, and optimize new or existing lab spaces using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with a vast library of equipment and objects.

The new eCommerce lite edition for individual use of the Lab Design Tool offers a modified suite of features for the needs of smaller laboratories (less than 25k square feet of lab space).

Key Benefits of the eCommerce “Individual” Lab Design Tool:

  1. Quick & Cost-Effective Design: The tool provides an extensive library of pre-configured laboratory modules, furniture, and equipment, enabling users to create lab layouts with just a few clicks effortlessly. This saves valuable time and eliminates expensive architect costs during the planning and design phase.
  2. Streamlined Stakeholder Communication: Visualize and communicate new layouts, workflows, and proposed changes to foster collaboration and achieve fast consensus. Immerse stakeholders in a 3D digital twin of your lab to minimize miscommunication and missed planning elements.
  3. Space Optimization: Users can experiment with different layouts, workflows, furniture, and equipment arrangements to achieve optimal design and space utilization for their specific requirements.

The eCommerce ‘Individual’ version of the Lab Design Tool is now available. Sign up for a free 15-day trial today at: