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Introducing Element-D, the Latest Addition to the Elemental Machines Platform

Element-D unlocks and aggregates data from OEM equipment using IoT technology

by Elemental Machines
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Elemental Machines, a provider of data science and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for technology-based industries, announced Element-D, the newest addition to its platform.

Element-D (Data) is an IoT data collection device that connects OEM instruments to the cloud to automate the collection of scientific data, metadata such as maintenance and calibration records, and critical performance and utilization metrics. Element-D aggregates readings to the cloud-based Elemental Machines Insights Dashboard where predictive algorithms are used to deliver powerful, actionable insights about user workflows, machine health, utilization, and operating environments. Automated data collection and audit reporting also facilitate compliance with quality management systems and regulatory agencies.

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Element-D ingests data from a variety of instruments, automatically creating a structured data model that is accessible via the cloud-based Insights Dashboard or API. According to Elemental Machines CEO, Sridhar Iyengar, “Element-D solves the ‘last mile’ problem in process automation, which is interfacing and communicating with machines from myriad manufacturers, all of whom have different communication interfaces. Element-D provides a scalable platform to automate data capture and rapidly on-board new instruments.”

An early adopter of the Elemental Machines platform was LabCentral, a shared lab space launchpad for life-science startups in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Lyndsey York, senior manager, Lab Operations said, “We are excited about Element-D and have deployed numerous devices on our incubators to track and record CO2 levels. Deployment was straightforward and all of the information is readily available to us on their cloud-based network. We are able to use this data to help simplify asset management, data collection and improve scientific best practices.”

Element-D is the latest product from Elemental Machines to provide a full-stack solution from automatic data collection to cloud access to advanced data analytics, enabling customers to automate and optimize their workflows, reduce the cost of compliance, and maximize utilization of their valuable assets.

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